3 Tips to improve the reach of your facebook page!


Over the past 5 year, social media as a market has shown tremendous growth and ‘the new’ marketplace for businesses to generate leads, build their brand and maximize their reach. In particular, Facebook is currently the most popular social media site with over 1.1 billions users.


While more and more businesses are getting a Facebook page, how well does yours work? More importantly, what do you do with it?


With such a diverse range of users and accessibility to the user, via phones, pc and tablets, it’s virtually a free marketplace! But, there are 3 common mistakes businesses make. Here are 3 tips to over come these mistakes:


1. Too many businesses focus on selling, special offers and price marketing. After you’ve been ‘pushing’ and ‘pushing’ what else are you going to post? Consumers want information and value! Instead of selling, provide awesome content,        tips, information because consumers want a solution to a problem. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, don’t just promote a 7 day trial (every fitness business does that) provide tips on weight loss if that’s the market your targeting.      You’ll find that it will build trust, credibility, value and you’ll eventually see that person contact you! This is known as ‘pull marketing.’


2. Instead of continually adding posts for the sake of adding something, add quality. Try boosting your posts through Facebook. It allows your posts to be seen by a greater audience narrowed to the category your after ie: males 25 – 35                interested in online marketing. As a demonstration, I’ve had a client that averages 50 – 100 views per post. After a $25 spend on boosting a post, her views exceeded 3,500.


3. Social Media is most powerful and effective when it’s shared. So share your pictures, blogs, articles and videos. It’s a great strategy to share posts on your website or other social channels as it increases viewership and also search engine      rankings. Basically, Google will reward you.


So there are 3 simple tips to improve the reach of your page and message. By following these steps and putting time into the type of content you post, results are imminent.