4 Easy Steps to Overcome Cold Calling | Crush Wednesday Episode 89

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In this episode Raymond is talking about the fear of picking up the phone and making a cold call. Picking up the phone and making a call brings you consistency within your business and creating this allows you to have the business you wanted when you started. So keep reading to find out how to overcome cold calling!

You need to make sure you know your message and what you want to get across, even if you need notes to help you that is okay.

It can be scary so follow these 4 strategies to get over the fear of cold calling: 

1. Set up your motivation

Imagine you’ve just been on the phone and you got a new client from it! How do you feel? 

You need to set yourself up for success, how you go into the phone call will help with the end result. You can frame the calls as customer care calls or client calls rather than labelling it as a cold call. What are you aiming to get out of the call? You must be motivated with the will to succeed. 

2. Identify your negative intruders

Who has gone to pick up the phone and you go to your emails instead and you get side tracked? This is procrastination and you are putting these calls off! You can’t get rid of this, but you need to acknowledge these negative intruders. What is it that you do that puts you off making calls? Whether it be emails, washing or going for a walk, you need to acknowledge these negative intruders and change this behaviour. Realign your thinking – tell yourself positive stories 

3. Realign your thinking – Tell yourself positive stories

Our brains allow us to create visions of the future and these can be positive or negative! If you are going into the call with a negative headspace you won’t get the results you want! You need to tell yourself you will succeed. You can’t let your fear get in the way! You need to tell yourself positive stories in relation to the call, always put a positive spin on it! 

4. Don’t judge yourself harshly

Your success and the continuation and consistency of cold calling is based on the fact that you don’t judge yourself harshly. If the customer says no, you can’t judge yourself, you need to just continue on. You need to remember why you are here to service them. You have something good to offer them and help them. That is the core of the call and it should be enough to pick up the phone.  

If you remove the fear of cold calling you can get the results you want! Don’t think of it as a ‘cold call’ think of it as a conversation with a potential customer who you are here to help! Believe, achieve and you will receive!

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