6 reasons why every small business needs a website, with purpose…

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Today, the public (potential customers) have greater access to the internet, but it’s ALARMING that only 44% of small – medium enterprise (SME) (0 – 199 employees) have a website and an online presence. If you’re a SME, whether you have a website or not, here are 6 crucial facts about a professional website.


1.     Your most successful competitors are already doing it.

In todays day and age, and shift of consumers to the internet, NOT having a website that convert is NOT an option. It’s marketing 101 not to copy your competitors, but a website is merely a platform to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the marketplace. But let me make this clear, having a website is NOT enough, the purpose of this website is to convert the searcher to a lead, to provide relevant information and bring credibility to your brand. That’s what sets you apart!

2.     The power of search engines and grabbing greater exposure.

While your reading this article, 70% of Australian’s use Google to search for information, products and services of which you might supply. Your business might be the perfect fit for this lead, but the sad thing is, only a handful of businesses are capturing new clients, not just because of a quality website, but the access their website has to the consumer that’s searching for a solution. You’re in business because you provide a solution to the consumer, but if your not accessible to the person searching, how does this benefit you?

The point is, having a website up for the sake of it, doesn’t engage your online consumer, in fact, you don’t capture the full potential of having a website.

3.     Enhances the ability for current customers to refer your business.

How many times do you get referred business, but don’t have the number but know the company name? Having a professional website gives confidence (and service obviously) and an easy avenue for your customers to refer business. It also creates value for the referred customer who may like to do some further research prior enquiring for your products. Do you get repeat referral business and does your website add value for referrals because not everyone has time to call you during 9 – 5.

4.     Assists your sales and converting process.

Every business prefers a warm lead compared to a cold one. Buy showcasing your products and services through website, in a manner that’s user friendly, informative and credible, it will make your sales process SO MUCH EASIER! Most customers will research online prior to purchasing a product. Having an enquiry about a specific product or services reduces pushy sales tactics and you will find most people won’t ‘need to think about it’ anymore. A quality website is your only sales person that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5.     Consumers trust online reviews.

Out of the staggering volume of consumers online, 75% trust and use reviews prior to enquiring or purchasing. A website should provide credibility to your consumer. Whether you’re a service provider or provide tangible products, people want quality and peace of mind when they spend their money with you. The solution, real life testimonials and reviews by REAL customers is an important aspect of a website that converts.

6.     It’s cheaper in the long run.

Getting a professional website with purpose, is like getting a tailor made suit. You purchase it because it’s noticeably different and you purchase for the long run. Cash Flow is always a contentious issue amongst SME, it’s cliché, but if you do it correctly the first time, you don’t have to continually change. Having a good web presence will also reduce a lot of the fixed and adhoc advertising expenses that draw people in but don’t convert the lead. So if your in business for the long run, spend a little more and get something professional and customized for your business, because the difference between a $5 shirt and a $60, is quality, people pay for quality….


So think big, push your business to achieve stable and continued growth and keep up with what the market is doing. This is crucial for any successful business, and a web presence that combines these factors is a website that will not only improve results in the short run, but position your business in a more advantageous position in the coming years.