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7 Yesses To A Sale – Quick Wins with COM Episode 17

This week in Quick Wins with COM, Richard is talking about the power of a ‘yes’. Your first interaction with someone will almost certainly not be a sale, but this first yes will lead to the next one, and eventually to the sale.

There is usually an average of around seven ‘yeses’ between a meeting and a sale. But what are these yeses that we’re talking about here?

A yes doesn’t have to be a purchase or a sale. If someone replies to your email, that’s a yes. Following you on Instagram, watching a video, coming to an event, liking a post on Facebook, agreeing to meet with you, all of these small interactions are yeses.

Saying yes to these things is the pathway towards you and your product. The more yeses there are the better. Make sure you are noticing when someone says yes, and that you have lots of things for them to say yes to.

Richard Toutounji
Founder mplete Online Marketing
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Video Transcription

Richard : Welcome back to COM quick wins. It is Richard Toutounji and today, I just had a client in and I wanted to share something about I just mentioned to them. I call it the power of yes. The power of 7 yeses. You can use this in any context that you want, but today I thought, what a better way to focus on the power of yeses through a sale. Let me take you through what I mean by this, is that I believe that when you want to get a potential client across the line, is really good idea to count the yeses, to count how many times have they actually said yes to yo. I’ve done this over many years and it always comes to a number 7. This is what I mean by 7. When you email a person to say, hey, can we arrange a meeting and they respond back yes and they confirm the meeting time. To me that’s 1 yes. When they like something on your Facebook or your Instagram account, possibly before or around that same time, that’s another yes. When they have decided to watch a video that you’ve put out, that’s another yes. When they’ve come to an event that you might be running, that’s another yes. When they’ve read the email, the whole email, that’s another yes. All these little yeses can actually equal a sale, but if you don’t get any yeses before and then you ask for sale directly without any prior yeses, it means that potentially you’re going to run into problems. Problems like, hey I thought it was too expensive, I’m not ready for it yet, I’m not sure if I do business with you. That’s because you haven’t asked for 7 yeses prior.

You must ask for the 7 yeses in many different formats to make sure that eventually, after the 7, then they ask, what are the next steps? I’m ready to proceed, versus expecting a sale only after 1 yes. Remember, how many yeses have you got? How many yeses have you got for your next sale, for your next potential client? It’s building a relationship. That’s what it’s all about, we’re about relationship building, making sure that relationship is not just a one time yes, that it’s a 7 yes, it’s 8 yeses, it’s 9 yeses, it’s 10 yeses. The more yeses someone says to you, in so many ways, that’s going to equal your sale. That’s going to equal not just a sale but it’s going to equal a great client long term, because you’ve engage with them multiple times and you’ve had interactions with them multiple times and they may not have verbally said yes. They wouldn’t have responded back to you if they didn’t want to go further. Remember, if they’ve stopped at 3 yeses it means that’s as far as they’re willing to go. Try and engage more, but you got to get to the 7 yeses before you get anything. I’m Richard Toutounji and today that was the COM Quick wins. Share below what you think, what your thoughts are and how many yeses that you’ve got and has it actually turned into a potential sale? I’d love to know your thoughts. Thanks so much. Speaker 2: Do you find marketing your business online confusing and overwhelming? The new age of online marketing seminar teaches you how to achieve quick wins in a variety of areas of online marketing. From your website, social media including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. As well as have a rank on Google and actually convert those rankings into leads and conversions. The seminar is free. The new age of online marketing seminar is a networking event for business owners to discover how they can implement innovative online marketing strategies in their business. Cut through the noise and discover what

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