Be Obsessed or Be Average | Crush Wednesday Episode 51

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Why is it when presented with the same information, same opportunities, same teaching, same knowledge – that some people kill it and grow their business, while others just remain average?

Most likely you’ve set some goals for yourself this year in 2019. Maybe you’ve written them down, maybe you’ve talked to others about them and hopefully you’ve set some things into action so that you can see them become a reality in your life and business.

Funny thing about goals is that they are usually HARD to achieve. And that’s because they usually require us to do something that we haven’t done before. That makes us uncomfortable and as humans we aren’t great at uncomfortable. We like to be comfortable and so when we go for our goals – it’s pretty tough at the start.

So, it makes sense that just writing our goals down and HOPING they will come true probably won’t work. The only way to achieve your goals in 2019 is to actually become OBSESSED with them. That means you have to daily think about them, actualise them, visualise them. You need to be reading books that will help you reach those goals, you need to listen to podcasts that will create those goals in your life.

Whatever you need to do to achieve those goals – you need to go do that thing. Listen to the full episode above to find out some other key points on how to obsess over your goals in 2019 in order to make them a reality.


What are you obsessing about in 2019? Let us know in the comments.