What I Learnt From The City Of Hustle #36

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What I Learnt From the City of Hustle
Quick Wins with COM Episode 36

Tune into this week’s episode where Richard talks about what the hustle means to you.

A few weeks ago I was in New York City, where it’s all about hustling to survive and to keep moving. It’s so important as business owners that we understand our hustle. You can’t hustle unless you know your why; you need to know why you’re in business and where you’re going so you can walk straight and stand up proud with a clear marketing message.

I want you to meet some of the New Yorkers I met and what hustle means to them so you can understand how to use hustle in your business.

So, you can stand still and you might little bit of business, but when you really want to push your products and service you have to go to your market, shake them up and see if they want to do business with you.

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 Video Transcription

Richard:       We’re doing a thing on hustle.

Speaker 2:       What’s that?

Richard:       We’re doing a thing on hustle. What hustle mean’s to you?

Speaker 2:       Oh, hustle. Yeah, yeah. You gotta be a hustler baby to make it in New York.

Richard:       It’s really all about the hustle and what it kind of means to you, cause it means something to everybody different. But the vibe here in the city is around hustling just to survive, to keep moving. It’s not a bad thing, not a good thing. It’s just the way it is. So it’s really important as business owners we figure out what our hustle is, and we figure out how we can best use our hustle effectively.

But you can’t hustle if you don’t know your why. If you don’t know your why … why you’re doing a business, why you’re getting up in the morning … it’s really hard to hustle. Because you can see, just like this, if I don’t know where I’m gonna to go, I could be standing here and I’m going to get knocked over by somebody. Because I’m not clear, I’m not precise at where I’m gonna go. But if I know where I’m gonna go and I’m certain with my business and I’m certain where I’m gonna go, I can walk straight and I can walk in a straight line and I’m not gonna get knocked around.

You see, it’s the same thing in business, but to get clear you need to understand why you’re in business in the first place for, what you’re doing business for, and then once you get all those points then you can stand up proud, you can stand up tall. Your marketing will be clearer, your message will be clearer, and everything will be precise. So if you’re out this week, I’d be really curious of what hustle means to everybody. I’m going to take you through, and really find out from the New Yorkers, what hustle means to them and how you can relate to that in your business.

Speaker 3:       I honestly think that hustling-

Richard:       Yeah.

Speaker 3:       Is a way to make money no matter what. Like say if you can’t get a job and nobody’s gonna hire you, you’re gonna strive to get that money. That’s a hustler. I’m mean you’re not gonna give up, you hustling.

Richard:       But why? Because is it family, or for yourself, or just to feed, get food?

Speaker 3:       It could be both.

Richard:       Yeah.

Speaker 3:       I think it could be both.

Richard:       So you’ll stand here in the cold?

Speaker 4:       Yes.

Richard:       Handing out your YouTube song?

Speaker 4:       Yeah, and a CD.

Richard:       And CD.

Speaker 4:       And sell it to you.

Richard:       And sell it to me.

Speaker 4:       Yeah.

Richard:       To get people to your YouTube channel.

Speaker 4:       Absolutely.

Richard:       So you won’t wait for people to click play on YouTube.

Speaker 4:       Well I mean I can do that as well, which I do, do. I do the internet, you know sit at the phone all day and say, “Go promote me” you know.

Richard:       Yeah.

Speaker 4:       Hit the link. But if you do it hand to hand, it makes it a lot more personable and makes it more exciting. Makes them really want to understand.

Richard:       People really get your brand out then do they?

Speaker 4:       Yeah definitely.

Richard:       That’s amazing.

Speaker 4:       I know, right.

Richard:       That’s true hustle.

Speaker 4:       It is.

Speaker 5:       You have to hustle because when you’re dedicated and motivated, you have to have determination. Determination is like hustle, you can keep moving, keep moving, keep moving. You know, so. It’s not just hustle, you can corrupt things with drugs and da-da-da-da-da. It’s lifestyle.

Richard:       It’s hustle for the lifestyle to stay in the city.

Speaker 5:       Lifestyle saying it’s survival.

Richard:       Cause if you don’t hustle, someone’s going to knock you over right?

Speaker 5:       You’re done. Brother, I’ll see you bro, all right.

Richard:       Thanks a lot. Cheers.

Speaker 5:       Peace.

Richard:       You see you can be staying still where you might get a bit of business, but when you really want to push the product and push your service, it’s making sure that you go to your marketplace and you shake them up. You see if they want to do business with you.

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