COM Short courses

Whether you’re at the stage in your business where you need to do it yourself, or you’re ready to
hand it off to a marketing company – we have a course just for you.

Marketing Essentials

Start With The Foundations

Marketing Essentials is our foundation course that teaches you how to discover your uniqueness as a studio and use that to market your business. Imagine never having to worry about the competition again, because you are leading from a place of power – your uniqueness in the marketplace – that is what we will discover with the Marketing Essentials course.

We’ll dive deep into what makes you unique, who your avatar is and where to find them, as well as developing a unique company manifesto that will attract those people to you.

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Social Media Marketing Course

Do The Pushups!

The Social Media Marketing Course is for studio owners who want to reach their leads and prospects through the powerful medium of social media. Most studio owners use social media, but is it really effective? Are you using it to it’s fullest potential to pull in your most valuable leads and prospects? Possibly not.

The Social Media Course is designed as a tactical step by step course that will teach you everything from setting up your social channels, what you should be posting, how to post and how to elevate it all through pay to play methods.

You’ll come away feeling confident to execute your next social media marketing campaigns. And if you’re not the one who will be executing the marketing, it’s great if you have a team of people you want to train up to handle it for you.

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CEC/CPD Approved courses

All our short courses and programs are CEC and CPD Approved. So whether you are a member of Fitness Australia or REPS NZ you can access your points at the completion of your course or program.