Consistency is Action | Crush Wednesday Episode 83

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Consistency– A topic that isn’t really talked about but is so important to success.

In this episode of Crush Wednesday Raymond gives you the insight into consistency and what is needed to be successful! 

What is consistency? 

  • Consistency is fully dedicating and committing yourself to a sustained effort of action over a long period of time. Even when that initial passion or excitement has worn off, it’s important to be consistent. It is essentially keeping your word, like making a promise or a goal at the beginning of the year with your business. Consistency is honoring your goals.

You need to work towards your goals daily. If you aren’t doing something daily you won’t hit your goals. Habits help consistency. Doing something every day will help you get to your goal.

Look at today, live in the present, being consistent is doing daily things and understanding that today, what you do right now will help to achieve your goal. 

Set your goal and work backwards. Our crush Wednesday episodes are an example of consistency, our goal was to create value and a community, we couldn’t do that with one episode, so now on our 83rd episode, we have created an empowering habit which is now consistent.

Consistency is the difference between success and failure, it’s not just focusing on the daily things you are doing. It means you have the ability to stay strong towards a common goal. 

Why do we find consistency hard? 

  • Have faith in the goal you have put out and the planning you have done for it. But make sure it is something that you want to do. Make it easy for yourself so that it won’t affect everything else. Things become consistent if they are attainable, achievable and not disruptive to your routine. Consistent tasks need to be something that you want to do, you shouldn’t make it harder for yourself. 
  • It is harder in today’s world to be consistent because we can’t see results straight away. We need to be patient and have faith to succeed. We may be too distracted, technology makes it so much easier to be inconsistent because we have so many opportunities and can get off track with our goals.

We can’t live in the short term, we must think about the long term. The results of consistency won’t be seen today. You need to have faith in consistency, and remember that you will see results eventually 

You are more consistent than you think!

  • If you have a routine you are probably consistent with your habits. It is about doing lots of little things today knowing you will see the results later on. You are consistent at something in your life, look at that and take what you’re doing there and apply it to more things in your life. 

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