Creating Your Legacy In The Fitness Industry With Tarek Michael-Chouja

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As the fitness sector goes out of COVID lockdowns and moves to a new normality, we’ve heard about the groundbreaking news about Fitness Australia’s rebranding. From Fitness Australia the industry body is now called AUSActive and fitness professionals are keen to hear what the changes are. So Richard has invited Barrie Elvish, former CEO of Fitness Australia, where they will talk all about the new era of AUSActive and what it means for the fitness industry.

Tarek began as a fitness professional when he was 20 and now co-owns and operates the largest functional training education company in the world – the **Functional Training Institute** (FTI) – – a multi-platform fitness and education company that provides long term and sustainable business solutions for health and fitness clients.

His passion for creating business leaders in the health and fitness space through training and education programs combined with mental fitness has made him an industry leader and indeed, an industry innovator.

In this episode of the Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Show, Richard talks to Tarek about:

  • Collaboration instead of competition
  • The limiting beliefs most fitness professionals have that hinder their growth and goal of living the life of their dreams
  • What legacy means for a fitness professional
  • What opportunities are in store for fitness professionals in 2022

Listen in and get insight on how to stay in the fitness business long-term!