EMS Training: Fad Or Future? | Studio Success Secrets Ep 15 W/ Sigrid Chamber

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This week’s episode of Studio Success Secrets takes us to Drummoyne to visit a progressive studio that uses technology to enhance its members’ health and wellness.

Sigrid Chambers is the owner of Exolt EMS and got into the fitness industry after her stint as a professional gymnast and a gymnastics coach. Exolt EMS is one of the few fitness studios across Sydney that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation in conjunction with the fitness training they provide.

Although unfamiliar to most people, EMS has been around for years. Primarily used by astronauts then eventually by physiotherapists, there are countless benefits EMS can offer when utilized as a part of physical training.

EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) is a power-driven medical-grade training system that targets specific muscle groups by safely activating nerves and muscle fibres causing your muscles to contract on command. EMS training allows a more holistic approach towards health and wellness.

Sigrid says that a lot of people come into the studio curious to give EMS a try and they end up getting addicted. Who wouldn’t when a 2-3 hour training in a traditional gym can be achieved in 20 minutes using EMS?

When it comes to marketing her fitness studio, Sigrid focuses on brand awareness to get more leads. As well as making sure the location of Exolt EMS is in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic. Her favourite COM Ninja strategy is the fast lead formula. She has a lot of potential leads in their database that just sits there and the formula got these leads interested in Exolt EMS.

If you’re near Drummoyne, you should definitely give EMS a try at Exolt!