Why to go LIVE on Facebook in your business #33

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Why to go LIVE on Facebook in your business
Quick Wins with COM Episode 33


Richard is in Time Square, checking out how Facebook Live works amongst the consumer, and how you can leverage that as a business owner. Today, it’s all about content and providing value to the customer. As long as the value and content you share can relate to your business and to the consumer, you are going to win every time.

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Video Transcription

Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. I’m Richard Toutounji, and today I’m coming to you from Times Square. I was here last night, and there was something on the billboard behind me, that really just said … And actually, I think it’s up there. It says, “How to go live in Times Square.”

And you know what? Today it’s all about content, and Facebook is now advertising paying people to show them how to go live with videos. It comes down to the fact that it’s content. Today it’s about Facebook Live, and they’re spending millions of dollars on billboards to show you how to go live on Facebook, but it comes down to one thing as business owners.

That is great for consumers, going live with their friends and family, but how does it relate to business? And how do business owners use this kind of new technology? You see, it doesn’t matter what technology’s at the moment. At the moment, it’s Facebook Live, and it says right up there right now, “How to go live in Times Square in New York.”

But it’s about one thing. It’s about providing value to the customer. Now at the moment, we can provide value through these things here, through mobile devices, through cellphones. They’re so easy, and it’s allowing us as business owners to use this device, that we didn’t have before, to actually connect with our customer, and to connect with our avatar, most importantly.

You got to provide solid value to potential people that may do business with you. It’s about making sure that your information is relative to what your product and services is. So nothing’s changed in the world of marketing. We always have to provide value to our customer.

When you do decide to give that value to your customer, and if you’re going to use sources like Facebook Live or videos, just making sure that you’re always providing value, great content, and making sure that people understand what type of business you’re in, so they can always relate it if they ever need your products and services down the line. Thanks so much. That’s this week’s episode of Quick Wins with COM. I’ll see you next time.

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