You Don’t Need More Views – Quick Wins With Com Ep 59

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Everyone wants more likes, shares, followers, and comments on their social media, however when growing a business and generating new leads it’s all about quality over quantity. The focus now is creating a quality lead that ultimately develops into a quality client.

When taking those first couple of steps in to marketing your fitness business on various social media platforms, including Facebook, it is crucial to get away from the mindset of wanting more. It’s more important to work on developing a quality lead that will turn into a quality client than it is focusing on the number of likes, shares, views, etc. What is the point of getting tons of views on a video when there are no clients coming in?

So how does one create these quality leads, without spending the money?

  1. Engage

When someone is engages with you and your business starts to communicate with them. They might not want to join your services straight away, but there is probably a reason for that. By continuing to engage in that consultation both before and after meeting the potential client you are able to start building a relationship with the client.

2. Specify

When you start to put your content out there, whether it’s a data base, blog, video or anything. Target it to a specific audience. Don’t send every piece of content to your entire audience. Be strategic in who sees what posts. By targeting your audience with more specific information and content the open rate will be much higher and the bounce rate will go down. Then the next time you send out more information it’s going to be relevant to the target audience and keep the attention of those who see it

3. Build

If somebody comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any social media start to have a conversation with them. Especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, take the time to develop that relationship by simply saying thank you or asking them a question. It takes a lot for someone to write a comment, it shows that they are genuinely interested in the content you are posting to take the time to slow their news feed and respond to the post. Treat the comment as a potential lead, client, or simply a relationship.

By starting to engage with people interested in a similar community that your business is a part of, you are going to generate more quality leads and potential clients. Dig a little deeper into the likes and comments on your posts and find that potential client. Find out what their biggest inspiration, hesitation, and motivation is and build a meaningful relationship with that client!