Fitness Show Conversations – Quick Wins With Com Ep 58

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When was the last time you went for coffee to meet with someone instead of facetiming or texting them? When was the last time you went up to someone and started a conversation at an event? Richard, while at the Fitness Show, explains the importance of having a conversation in person. A convention is your sea of opportunity, a place where everyone has one goal, to meet and connect. One should not be scared, one should be empowered to know that everyone wants to learn and receive from all sorts of mind sets and opinions. Growing is about learning and changing and an easy way to start is with a “Hello, what is your story?” and you will be on your way to expand and build your own unique platform for your business. Now why can’t you just stay behind the computer, or call people? People want to be talked to. They want to see your personality and how you act in the space. Conversation is personal and people like personal. So, what can a conversation bring you?

1. A client!

A convention brings the businesses together, however, clients are there as well and are walking around trying to find their perfect fit. You may not realise when they are explaining their story or message that a client will relate and want to be part of that community. One might not make a collaboration but a business just gained a client. People want to be listened to and find comfort when others can relate. It all just starts with that one conversation.

2. A Collaboration!

You are having a conversation with another business owner or influencer and realizing that they understand what your message is and you understand their message. What can this lead to? A collaboration. Their followings will become your followings and it all started with a simple “Hello”. A collaboration is only there to help build a platform that represents the best of what you are trying bring as a service or business. And again one conversation.

3. A network!

Yes, you have a Facebook network and an Instagram network. Now bring a personal network. One conversation can lead to many other conversations where in the end of the day you will have not only told your story and message you would have built a solid and extensive platform.

Having a conversation can bring more than you think and will only grow your business. It only has to start with a simple question or greeting that can lead you landing a client, collaboration, and even more, the growth of your network.