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Closing Transactions – Quick Wins with COM Episode 18

In Quick Wins with COM this week, Richard is discussing strategies and concepts that will help your business to grow.

How many tabs do you have open on your computer? How many emails are in your inbox that you haven’t responded back to? How many conversations have you started recently that you just haven’t finished?

Closing transactions will help you to grow your business and move forward with more business and more clients. Ask yourself, what transactions are open right now?

As Richard says, if we don’t close open transactions, then they have no effect on anybody. It’s in the closing of the transactions that magic happens.

So what is the one thing that is stopping you from closing transactions? What is stopping you from closing transactions?

Watch the video above, and take action to close those open transactions.

Richard Toutounji
Founder Complete Online Marketing
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Video Transcription

Richard : Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. I’m Richard Toutounji. I’m the founder of Complete Online Marketing, where we help traditional businesses win in the new age of online marketing and these series, Quick Wins with COM, I like just to throw out some strategies, and concepts to use, to action and to get in to your business straight away. Today I’m talking about the topic of transactions, actually closing the transaction. You see, I believe we have a lot of things open in our mind. For example, our computer, we have possible lot of tabs open. We have emails that haven’t been answered. We have business deals that are open and we haven’t closed them yet. We have conversations that we’ve half finished and half not, because we live in a world that we always get distracted.

It’s really important to make sure that we are closing every transaction that we open. Now some transactions, we could look at a sales deal, we could look at a proposal, we could look at staff meeting that needs to be continued. Some transactions do need to take time to close. Some businesses, you know, even a sales cycle could take 12, 24 months, 6 months but it’s really making sure, whatever the process works for your company, think about making sure what transactions are open at the moment, and when you have transactions open, it’s slow the process down. It slows the decision making skills down, it slows staff resources and company out, because there’s a lot of things open.

The question is, around things getting closed? Are transactions getting closed, are jobs getting closed, is the task getting closed, are conversations getting closed. What is open right now, that you literally could pretty much close if you put a little bit of effort to it. Call up somebody you need to call up, sign off on an email, sign off on a conversation, finish that meeting that you’ve half had in a hall-way, and really get closure to it, to move forward. You see, we can’t be stuck in a limbo land, in transaction land, because decisions don’t get made, deals don’t get done. We can open something up, but if we don’t close it, it has no effect on anybody. You see, it’s in the closing of the transactions that the magic happens.

It’s in the closing of the transactions that we get business, we get deals, we get new clients, we grow our company, we grow our client base, we have engaging conversations with our staff, with our contractors, with our clients. If you are not prepared to close a transaction, all you have is simple open-ended conversation, open-ended deals that haven’t closed, open-ended hallway conversations, and what happens? The mind starts to get cluttered, it starts to get stressed, it starts to build up a lot of anxiety and nothing can get executed.

It’s like making sure you wrap up the week, and when you’re wrapping up the week, wrap up those last transactions that literally, if you made that call, if you sent that email, if you finished your proposal off, everything will get so much smoother. That’s sort of this weeks episode. You know what I mean, it’s getting stuff done. Go get it done, go get it closed, so you can open up new transactions, you can open up new conversations and you can re-innovate your new business again. Thanks for listening. If you liked this, share it to your friends. Share it to your business friends. I look forward to seeing you at a seminar, a workshop, or just next time on the Quick Wins with COM. Thanks so much.

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