Are Free PT Trials Dead | Quick Wins With COM Ep 53

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Are you struggling to get leads in the door in your fitness business? Are you offering free trials and yet you find still no one is taking up your offer?

One of the biggest mistakes that Personal Trainers and gyms make these days is that they are marketing their equipment or facility. The ‘stuff’ of what they do. This is the bike that you’ll use. These are our treadmills. This is an elliptical machine.

The problem with that is that when you think of an exercise bike, all someone is thinking of is how hard that is going to be, how sweaty they are going to get all the hard work it’s going to take everyday to get on all that equipment. And your bike is no different to all the other bikes in all the other gyms, your elliptical trainer or treadmill isn’t different.

Let’s think of marketing in a different way. Instead of marketing the bike and how sweaty they are going to get working hard all day. Market the feeling they are going to get, what the end product of using that bike is going to deliver.

And a hot tip for you – it’s not weight loss. You’ve got to start digging deeper than that to the actual FEELING. Why do they want to lose weight? Is it to feel more confident? That’s a feeling and something you can market. Is it to so they can run around and play with their kids? That’s a feeling you can market.

Start to think of your marketing in terms of what is your clients outcome – and market that way. Instead of just marketing what’s in front of you like your facility or equipment. You might have all the same equipment as that other PT down the road – but the feeling, the outcome that you achieve is unique to your business. That is how you are going to stand out in a crowded marketplace.