Get The Most From Your Videos #45

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On this weeks’ episode of QWWC Richard shares six methods to create more content from videos.

Making videos is a great way to showcase your knowledge and your business to a wide audience, but there’s a lot more to be generated than views.

Richard’s six methods include:

  1. Create Content in Batches
  2. Publish Your Content on Sites like YouTube and Facebook
  3. Be Friendly in your Videos, Reflect the Values of Your Business
  4. Use a Transcription Service such as
  5. Use Your Website and Blog, Always Link Everything Back to it
  6. Create Audience Engagement on Videos by Sharing them on Social Platforms

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Video Transcription

Hi it’s Richard Toutounji the CEO of COM Marketing. Today I wanted to share with you something that we use here at COM that we’ve used for a lot of years and it simply comes down to content. The question is, how to get more content from videos. We all know that we have to put a lot of content, we have to use content from Facebook, Instagram, social media, our website for SEO. I want to show you a method that you can make the whole process faster for you so here goes.

Number one point is, you need to create the content first. Picture this, you got information about your product and service, it could be a ‘how to’ video, it could be something that it’s quite easily to give over. We’re talking about more awareness videos where we’re building a knowl I can trust, we’re providing entertainment education. It’s really important that you the expert become the expert and teach people what to do in your video. When you create videos a really great tip is to do four videos all at the same time. At the moment, we are producing multiple videos at the same time so we want to do them, I want to say at the same time back to back pretty much. You don’t want to do them every week because you’re not in that head frame so try to create the content all in one hit most importantly.

When you’ve done that the next thing what you want to do is, let’s say the content is created, after that you need to put in out somewhere so people can see it. Obviously you need to create it, you need to edit it, all that kind of stuff and then you’re going to go to YouTube. Now here you can also use Facebook for this section as well.Facebook’s getting hugely popular, super popular on videos so it’s really important that you place this piece of content on a YouTube platform and as well on Facebook. What you don’t want to do is put the YouTube link on Facebook because you want to keep each platform very native, so have it on YouTube then re upload it onto Facebook most importantly and you can even do that Instagram as well.

Point number three is photos. Now at the time that you’re creating this content, this amazing content you must smile for the camera. When you smile for the camera that’s the amazing content. Just picture this, imagine if you’re a personal trainer and it’s like six o’clock in the morning and you’re doing your video and you’re showing them how to do some squats or some lunges or some fitness techniques and at the time you want to pose for a photo. The reason you want to pose there is because that’s the time that the sun is rising, that’s the time that you might have your clients on the background. It’s a photo that’s original.

You always want to make sure that you do the photo that’s similar to the content that you’re creating so you’re in the right place filming the content and you take the photo as well so then you have an original photo. You can use this photo as the thumbnail as well for YouTube as well. When you’re having a thumbnail you can create a thumbnail for YouTube you want to use that photo as well. In these videos we’ll take a photo directly after I film it. That’s point number three.

Now point number four is a really powerful way because me personally I don’t like to write content in a huge amount and I know content takes a long time to write. This is a really great hack that we use and it’s really important to write this down. It’s called REV We’ve been using this for years and it’s really powerful. What you do is you take your YouTube link, you set up an account very easy, you copy the YouTube link and you put it into Just search, just Google it. We have no affiliation, it’s just a great platform and you put it in there.

That’s a transcription service meaning that for one dollar per minute you will get a transcription of what you’re talking about. If you’ve creates a five minute video it will cost you five minutes on and then you would have a page or two of exact words that are coming out. Why is this important for? One, you can actually use this now for your website, you can use it for original content, you can use it for articles, you can use it for PDF. The great part about it it’s original content most importantly. You create it, you put it on YouTube, you put in on Facebook, you take a photo, you go to Now, what are you going to do with it?

What you have to do now is put it on your blog, your blog which is on your website, so your blog and your website. Basically you take your embedded code on YouTube, you take your original photo, you take your transcription service, you put you transcription under the blog, your do video, your photo, your transcription and then you put it in your blog. Really powerful and you’ve created all this content again from just one piece of content here.

Then the next question we always get asked, well how do I get engaged when I’m on my videos? Easy, you start now putting on your socials and point number six is social. Share it around your socials, put a photo on your socials, link it back to your blog and your website. What are you selling in your blog and your website? It has all your services, your products, your information on there. It’s really important that you’re using content to get people to your blog, to get people to your website. If you don’t want to go to that option, get people viewing in on Facebook because eventually this is where your engagement, this is where your conversion happens is on your website.

If they love your content they’re following you and they refer back to your website they’re going to give you a call, they’re going to buy your product, they’re going to buy your service. It’s create, YouTube, photos,, blog and social. This is the strategy that we use at COM, this is the strategy we teach all our clients to use so start using it. Remember you’re the expert here, you’re the one that can crank the content. All you have to do is be ready.

When you create the content another hack is creating the time when you feel the most confident, that you’re happy, that you’re excited, that you’re really in a great state because it’s much easier to smash through content, to do the videos than when you’re in a state like you’re exhausted, you’re tired. It’s going to take much longer. Hope that’s helped. How to get more content from your videos. I’ll see you next time on Quick Wins with COM.


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