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Taking Action – Quick Wins with COM Ep 05

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about taking action.
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Video Transcription

Richard Toutounji: Hello, welcome back. It’s Richard Toutounji and this is Quick Wins with Com. Today I’m talking all about being a market leader. I’ve been talking about this topic quite recently and quite a lot at a lot of different events. People are really interested in this topic because I believe in business motives. We go in to a business because we have a message to share. That message is the same where you own the business, half way through the business, it can be stronger at some parts depending on how busy we are in the actual business itself.

Ideally we go in to the business because we believe that we have a strong message to share. We can do something different, we can do something unique, and that’s why we open a business up. Being a market leader is just that. Being a market leader is being a leader. The question I have is are we being leaders in our business or are we letting the businesses over take us; and letting the industry lead us, versus us leading the industry? Businesses, new businesses and new industries are created because of leaders. It’s leaders who create industries. It’s leaders who create businesses. It’s important if you want to dominate your industry. If you have a really clear message that you want to share. You could be finance, you could be a hair dresser, you could be a plumber, you could be a locksmith.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there’s a message to share. If you get that message clear, all you have to do is make sure you share that message on these platforms like social media, YouTube, Facebook, and Facebook-live; that’s probably another talk in itself. Get clear on your message and make sure you get that message out to your industry. You don’t have to have a million fans on Facebook. You don’t even have to have a thousand fans on Facebook. All you have to have is the right audience listening to you. You’re the leader in that industry. I don’t know what goes in about industries because I’m not in those industries, I mean mine is one or two industries. As long as you know the people in your one or two industries; and you know that you you’re messaging is different than everybody else and your message is so unique that you need to share it, then people will follow you.

People want to be led by somebody. You decided if you want to be a leader or a follower. Generally as business owners, as I said we go in to business for a message. We go in to business because we have something to share. Don’t shy away from that. Make sure you execute that message. Get it out to your industry and don’t worry how many views or how many lives, how many fans you have. Get it out. We don’t need a million people, a million customers. We might need ten more customers. Ten more clients. We might need 5, we might need 100. Depending on how many clients you need, depends on how loud you can send that message. It’s all up to you and it’s all about how many people to inspire. Remember, focus on your industry. Focus on only that industry first. Mask that industry, mask that message, then if you want to share another industry, go to another industry.

People buy from people. If you think about that process and think about how you can get in to their face, how you can get in front of mind, your business will go from strength to strength. I hope you like this episode. Like, share and comment if you haven’t. Remember, if you’re a market leader start taking action and start making money with some of this stuff. I really look forward to giving you more bite size information. Most importantly, quick whims that you can take in your business and you can get moving straight away. See if they work for your business. I’m Richard Toutounji, thanks for listening and I’ll see you next time.

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