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Our mission is to help Personal Trainers and Studio Owners Double their income & half their hours … or Reach their first ½ million dollars.

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Welcome to COM Marketing, the place where you can grow your fitness & wellness studio. We’re Richard & Joey Toutounji, co-founders of COM Marketing and along with our awesome team of fitness industry marketing coaches, we are passionate and committed to helping you grow all types of fitness businesses from boutique fitness studio’s to personal trainers in gyms.

Through our social media marketing courses, holistic marketing and fitness studio marketing programs, we’re here to demystify marketing and empower studio owners to feel confident in marketing their studio’s – whether they choose to do it themselves, or hire someone to do it for them. We’ve seen amazing results in our program where business owners have come in knowing very little about marketing and in a matter of months becoming confident to run Facebook campaigns and social media and video marketing campaigns that are working.

We’re not just another fitness marketing agency, we’re about creating an impact. A ripple effect that not only reaches the fitness industry, but beyond as we look to create a happier, healthier Australia. We’ve been able to impact thousands of studio owners and personal trainers through our courses and programs. Seeing many personal trainers double their revenue and halve their PT hours and helping studio owners grow to $500k and beyond.

Through our courses and signature program we are creating fitness businesses who are market leaders in their communities and markets – growing and scaling their businesses to create impact all around Australia and New Zealand. Whether you are looking for short social media marketing courses that are CEC & CPD approved or a full gym marketing plan, we have you covered.

If you want to build a business that not only stands out as a market leader, but also creates an impact in your community, then we’d love to have you on the journey.

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At COM we want you to WIN! 

Join the movement of Personal Trainers who want to double their profit and halve their PT hours or the movement of Studio Owners who want to reach 500k turnover.

WHY? Because we believe that by building strong businesses, we’re building a happier healthier world.

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Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials is the place to start to build the foundations of marketing. A self study course designed to help you get started building your brand (before you start marketing). Discover what makes you unique, who your avatar is and develop your vision, mission & values. Without this, your marketing is going to fall flat.

Social Media
Marketing Course

Social Media
Marketing Course

We developed the Social Media Marketing Course as a tactical self study course to give studio owners a crash course in marketing online. Get tactical, step by step instructions on everything from setting up Facebook pages, video marketing, Facebook Ads and more.

COM Ninjas

Our Signature
Marketing Program

COM Ninjas

Our 8 month, signature program is for studio owners who are serious about growing their business. We take you through our 8 step COM Growth & Marketing Process and most studio owners double their revenue in that time. Through virtual workshops, webinars, live events & coaching you’ll discover everything you need to feel confident to market your business.

COM Scale

Our Fitness Business
Growth Program

COM Scale

The COM Scale program is the progressive program after the Ninja Program for studio owners who are seeking to scale up their business. There are 6 specific pillars of COM Business Growth you will discover and implement throughout the program. Through virtual workshops, webinars, live events and masterminds with other like-minded studio business owners, you’ll discover all you need to escalate your business growth.
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Stop being ignored by leads and start attracting members to you.

Watch the 15 minute Crash Course For Studio Owners.

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Stop being ignored by leads and start attracting members to you.

Watch the 15 minute Crash Course For Studio Owners.