How Small Group PT Training Can Double Your Income

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Adriano Rizzo is a PT and owner of Rizz Fitness. Before joining the COM Ninja Program, he was capped at 13 $1,300 per week and didn’t know how to scale his business further. He’s not sure how to generate quality leads and didn’t know how to retain his clients for long term. He was stuck at only having 13 clients and was previously offering solely one-on-one sessions.

Things start to take a turn for the better when Rizz jumped into the COM Ninja Program. From 13 clients, he is now at 47 clients and his $1,300 weekly income is now at $4,000!

He realized that his income caps at a certain amount if he only offers one-on-one sessions. After strategizing with COM coaches, he formulated a new training which he named “Pod Training” and now offers one-on-four training sessions which also grew his weekly income!

What Rizz likes the most about the COM Ninja Program is that it helped him solidify his brand by working with the COM coaches during the brand development phase of his business. He enjoys the monthly coaching calls which help him keep track of his progress and keeps him accountable.

If you’re a fitness business owner, Rizz invites you to join the COM Ninja Program so you can also scale your business to new heights!