How to 3x Your Business in 8 Months | Crush Wednesday Ep 71

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Tracy has been in our Ninja Program for just over 8 months. During her time in the program she has been able to 3x her business by using the strategy and tactics that we teach. Richard asked her to join him on Crush Wednesday to talk about her journey and give a little insight into the work that it took to see that phenomenal growth.

Tracy is a great example of someone who just gets things done! When she first heard Richard speak at a Filex convention she hung on every word he said and then started to consume all of the videos she could find online. Then she took it a step further and attended our FREE Event ‘The New Age of Online Marketing.’

This is where she heard about the Ninja Program and as much as she wanted to join, she just couldn’t afford it at the time. So instead of just putting it out of her head. She worked out a plan. All she needed to afford the program was 4 more clients. So she put the strategies from the workshop in place and got her 4 new clients.

A month later she was able to join the program. And every month since she has continued to implement the strategies which has caused her members to grow 3x since she first joined.

She attributes a lot of that to finding her niche. Before the program she was speaking to everyone – casting her net wide – trying to find everyone and anyone to train with her. But when she got clear on her 3 ‘people’ things started to change. The copy on her Facebook boosts started to change, to speak to her specific avatars. And she started to attract those people.

Another big thing that Tracy changed was getting in front of the camera. Before the ninja program she was shy and lacked confidence and would never dream of doing a Facebook LIVE. Now? You can’t get her away from the camera! And now people are contacting her after following her videos on Facebook. And guess what? They already feel like they know her, they know what she’s about and they know the kind of people she trains and can get results for.

Tracy has so many other GEMS of information that she shares – click the video above to watch the full interview.

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