How to Find that Perfect Balance Between Work and Life | A COM Ninja Case Study

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Helen Uskovic is the owner of Hol Health, which is a fitness center that aims to help clients build confidence by developing a healthy and positive lifestyle. Before joining the COM Ninja Program Helen was at a stage in her career where she was working 60 hours a week and felt exhausted. With no time for herself she was constantly burning out and as a personal trainer, she did not have a system in place to keep her business in order.  

Without a system in place clients were paying as they came in and when people cancelled there was no income and she still had to pay the rent and bills. Everything was messy. For the whole first year of starting her personal training business, she had not had a break. Helen dreamed to have a holiday or even just some time for herself so she went to the COM New age of online marketing workshop to see if this could help her. 

Before the NInja program, she was earning $1500 a week, sometimes less depending on the cancellations on the day. After she implemented the COM process she:

  • Rebranded Hol Health on social media and on the website to be more attractive for potential clients
  • Changed from 1-1 training to small group training which instantly halved her hours
  • Doubled her income, she has received her best weeks ever reaching $3000 a week.
  • Consistently provided original content on her social media to gain a new relevant audience
  • Created a direct debit system where the money is coming in every week so she knew exactly how much she was getting.

By implementing these strategies she found it so much easier and had time for herself, she even went on her first holiday! 

Her accountability course with Joey really kept her on track so she was able to stay on top of her numbers especially with her small groups which led to the income that kept coming in. She really buckled down on the organic style marketing that COM taught her and improved her social media game with Instagram stories. 

Before starting the Ninja Program Helen didn’t think social media was a place people could see her, but now after rebranding, she has received so much business through social media. It has been the biggest driving force with her clients! Clients would mention how they loved her new website and branding and social media was the main point of contact to join her programs and she didn’t pay a cent to market this! 

Helen believes that if you want to open up your own fitness centre then join COM because you will learn the system that you will need to implement when you open up your new place. It means you will get the system in place in order to reach your goals so that you can progress. You can’t just jump from one thing to another. Helen thought you could open a franchise without having a structure first, COM taught her how important having a system is. With the goals, Helen has achieved with COM she now wants to open up her Hol Health chain!  We can’t wait to see what Helen has planned for the future and are so happy she has found the perfect work-life balance with COM. 

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