How To Get Your Time Back as a Studio Owner

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Shauna Lamont is a franchise owner of EFM Health Clubs in Toowoomba. Before becoming a COM Ninja, Shauna had a lot of pain points in her business and felt like she can’t move forward.

Her pain points in her business were:

  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Systems
  • Retention
  • Gaining new clients

She had low conversions and not getting the right clients because, after a few weeks, most of her members stopped coming to her studio.

Once she joined the COM Ninja Program, things started to look up. From 30-40% conversion rate, she is now at 80-90% conversion rate, which definitely helped in scaling her studio. In fact, she won Eastern States EFM Franchise of the Year! Such an amazing win for Shauna!

One of the things she liked most in the program was the weekly Q&A as she gets many different ideas from fellow studio owners and she always leaves the Q&A with many actionable points.

She also loves attending the Immersive event which features wonderful guest speakers who she feels are priceless to listen to.

For Shauna, the COM team has been lifesavers of her business, so if you also want to get your time back, check out our COM Ninja Program!