How To Last Long Term in The Fitness Industry | Quick Wins With COM Episode 77

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Do you want to stay in the fitness industry for the long term? Then you need to know It’s not about the exercise! If you have been in the industry for 2+ years you’re probably realizing that to continue in the fitness industry you need something more than just how to exercise and how to get people to lose weight.

You need LONGEVITY in this industry because it can be daunting, very hard and very time-consuming. It requires early morning starts, it requires working late in the evening so if you are going to stay in this industry, you need to understand how you will continue your journey.

Here are the 3 key things you need to do to stay in this industry long-term:

1. Join a peak body

  • Join an industry association like Fitness Australia or Exercise NZ and be apart of this body. You might want to get a mentor or be a mentor, you might want to present or connect with national events. These things will help you to be surrounded by the right proximity for the long haul. Anyone can last short term but if you want a long term career you need to surround yourself with the right people that are here for the long term as well.

2. Listen to your clients more

  • If you notice you’re clients are leaving, they are probably leaving because their lifestyle has changed. Maybe they have kids now, maybe they have a new job or they are struggling to get to the sessions. There is something happening in their lives which means they can’t attend your sessions anymore and that is a concern. You can either ignore it because the client is lacking so they are not working OR you can say there is an OPPORTUNITY here! Maybe it’s not about the exercise but it’s about something bigger, you have the chance to encompass a life program and a journey for them. You need to understand what their new goal is, and if something has to adjust for you to meet their goals then you may need to do that!

3. Keep learning 

  • If you need to learn a different style of training because your clients have progressed, whether that be with age or with life as a fitness professional you need to learn what to do that will help you progress and stay in the industry. With books, events and fitness communities it is easier than ever to learn new things about the industry!

Anyone can join the fitness industry but only a few maintain longevity and to keep longevity you need to follow these three steps. Stay connected with the industry, learn and grow! 

Your clients don’t want the exercise, they want the outcome of how to makes them feel. So if you want longevity in this industry, look outside of the exercise and start asking your clients what they want and listen to what they’re saying and what they’re not saying – this will give you a very successful career in the industry.