How to Overcome Fear and Grow Your Business Effectively| Crush Wednesday Ep73

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From not knowing how to use social media to utilizing it as a main source of leads, Tony has transformed his at-home personal training business into a large scale service. Specializing as a boutique personal trainer, Tony has been in the Ninja program for almost a year. Within this time he has managed to overcome the fear of expansion by finding the balance of social media marketing and customer service. Richard asked Tony to join him on Crush Wednesday to talk about his journey and give a little insight into his past dealings with the changes in the industry and how he was able to upscale effectively.

As a personal trainer for almost 30 years, Tony has seen many changes in the industry his journey is one that maintains consistency with clients to maintain success. Tony was at a point in his business where he needed to upscale, training around 70 clients at home just was not sustainable. There was a big part of him that was hesitant to expand, with the costs and risks of changing venues. However, joining the ninja program gave him the push he needed to upscale effectively because he was able to reshape his training model to suit expansion.

Utilizing social media was key to his expansion and from the ninja program he began creating weekly Facebook live videos that not only create new leads, but his old clients resurfaced intrigued by his new content. Within the first two Facebook live videos, Tony made around $30 000+ in revenue by attracting new clients. This gave him the courage he needed to continue using social media as a way to gain new clients and increase brand awareness.

Using the ninja program was a test for Tony, based in Adelaide, he flew to Sydney once a month to partake in the face to face ninja program. He saw this as an investment and it paid off as he has tripled his business base and is now looking to expand to a second venue. He was able to identify gaps in his business model with the program and made strategic decisions he wouldn’t have made prior to joining the program. The ninja program ensures that you are accountable for your actions and Tony found this is what he needed for his personal training business to grow! The one on one meetings with COM meant he was always following through with his ideas and thinking outside the box. 

Tony is a prime example that removing fear and being proactive in marketing for your business can help your ideas grow!

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