How To Skyrocket Members In Your Fitness Studio

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Andrea Canini, owner of M9 Fitness, couldn’t seem to grow his members past 90. He was getting leads, but it wasn’t enough to take his fitness business to the next level. He decided he needed help (and has been one of the best decisions he’s ever made!) and became a COM Ninja.

Now 7 months into the program, Andrea has increased his members by 40%. With a steady flow of leads, he is now at 140 members! By perfecting “My Method”, Andrea has been able to create an end product for his members and not just stuck on having a fitness facility and focusing on the exercise but an experience that has his members keep coming back for more. He was also able to target the right audience.

By having a support system, not just from the COM team but from other ninjas as well, Andrea looks at the bigger picture and makes decisions for his business for long-term growth. He was able to explore the future than getting stuck in the present.

If you ask Andrea about the COM Ninja Program, he’s leaning on YES because it has immensely helped him scale his business. For sure, yours will do too!