How To Take Your Facebook Budget Further

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Do you wonder how you can take your Facebook Ads Budget further? How you can get more clicks and engagement on your content. In this video Richard walks through 4 ways to make your Facebook budget go further including using re-marketing to target people who watch your videos or visit your website plus using your existing email database to target people on Facebook.

Tip #1: The Facebook Pixel

Before you go any further or spend another dollar on Facebook, make sure that you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website. The Facebook Pixel allows you to track who has visited your website and then serve ads to them on Facebook. This is a powerful tool as a business owner as it allows you to advertise to a warm audience of people who have heard about you and your brand before.

How to Install the Facebook Pixel

  1. Go to your Facebook Pixel tab in Ads Manager.
  2. Click Actions > View Pixel Code.
  3. Click the code to highlight it.
  4. Right-click and select Copy or use Ctrl+C/Cmd+C.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Go to your website’s HTML and paste the code.

If you have a WordPress website you can install the plugin WP Facebook Pixel and paste the code into the settings. This will automatically add it to every page of your website and you’ll be all set!
NOTE: If you want to check that you’ve installed your pixel properly you can download the Chrome extension Facebook Pixel Helper. Once installed you can click on the icon in the chrome menu bar and check that the Facebook Pixel is firing.

Tip #2: Target People Who Have Visited Pages On Your Website

Now that you’ve got the Facebook Pixel installed, you can start to target people who have visited specific pages on your website with ads on Facebook. For instance if you’re a personal trainer and you have a page on your website for boot camps and another for one on one training – if people visit one of those pages but don’t take any action – you don’t have to lose those people! Now you can serve them ads on Facebook depending on what page they visit.

How to setup a Custom Website Page Audience:

  1. Go to Business Manager > Audiences
  2. Click Create Audience Dropdown and select Custom Audience
  3. Set a rule: URL Equals [YOUR URL]
  4. Give your audience a name (eg. Bootcamp Website Visitors)
  5. Click Create Audience
Now that audience will be available to you when you are creating ads on Facebook!

Tip #3: Target People Who Have Watched Your Videos

Just like you can target people who have visited pages on your website, you can also target people who have watched one (or all) of your videos on Facebook. Again this means that you can now market to a warm audience who are already familiar with you.

How to Setup a Custom Video Audience:

  1. Go to Business Manager > Audiences
  2. Click Create Audience Dropdown and choose Custom Audience
  3. Click Engagement on Facebook
  4. Click Video
  5. In the ‘Engagement’ field, choose the amount of time you want people in your audience to have spent viewing videos.
  6. Click Choose Videos
  7. Choose Page and select your Facebook Page
  8. Click Confirm when you’re done.
  9. In the ‘In The Last’ field, enter the number of days you want Facebook to go back to collect views.
  10. Add an audience name
  11. Click Save.
Now you can choose that audience when you are creating your Facebook ads.

Tip #4: Target People In Your Email Database

The last tip to get the most out of your Facebook Advertising is using the emails that you already have on your database. One of the most powerful ways to target an audience that is already familiar with you. Now you can target people who you have been nurturing over months and years and serve ads to them directly on Facebook.

How to Setup a Custom Email Audience on Facebook

  1. Create a list of either email addresses or phone numbers using your customer data
  2. Save your list in CSV format
  3. Go to the Audiences Tab in Ads Manager
  4. Click the Create Audience Button, select the Custom Audience option and choose Customer List
  5. Upload the CSV file list you previously saved to the Custom Audience Box
  6. Your Custom Audience will be ready to use in about 30 minutes.
Now you can use this custom email database audience when your creating your ads in Facebook.
These four tips are really going to help your Facebook Marketing budget go further, so that you are advertising to a warm audience who are more likely to buy. This will mean your cost per acquisition will be lower and the quality of your leads higher!

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