Why investing in yourself can help your business #34

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Take The Time Out To Invest In Yourself
Quick Wins with COM Episode 34


Although investing time and energy into your business is great, there needs to be time for personal development as well. I believe that investing in yourself is best way to take your business to the next level. How do you invest in yourself?

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Video Transcription

Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. I’m Richard Toutounji and I’m the CEO of Complete Online Marketing, also known as COM, where we help businesses, traditional business innovate in the new age of online marketing. Today’s topic is all around investing in yourself. Investing in yourself, and let the rest take care of itself. I really believe that once we invest in ourself, through time for ourselves, through education, through travel, through taking time out, through self-reflection things start to get easier in business. We meet a lot of business owners that are just going through the grind, on the treadmill, really just moving across and the process of investing in yourself, it’s shifting the mindset. It’s recalibrating of where you are now, and by investing in yourself where you want to be.

I think so many people go through business with a very stressful approach to it, and they go through business thinking that it’s the next item, the next thing on the to do list, but unfortunately when we start to get aged in business, we start to realise that it doesn’t matter how many late nights you have, it doesn’t matter how much hustle you have at the same time you do need to take that time out to invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself can be the smallest of things. It could be buying that new shirt that you really wanted, that was probably a little bit too much, but it feels good when it’s on. It’s joining a fitness programme and really engaging mind, body into that, and really getting some great results. Because that will have the effect on the business, that will have the effect on results. By taking the time out to invest in yourself it starts to make everything else in your life easier. It starts to make business easier. It starts to make marketing easier. It starts to make stress easier to cope with.

Try the concept of investing in yourself and see what happens. As I said it could be the smallest of things, or could be a large thing, but it needs to start by just taking the time out for yourself, and really recalibrating to invest in others.

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