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In this episode of COMgratulations, Richard congratulates Marissa From Just Believe Fit on launching her new website.

There are so many amazing parts of the site, but firstly, as soon as you get onto the site, you’re able to see exactly from the start what Marissa offers, which is one of the biggest things in providing clarity in this brand. We were able to use the images that Marissa provided and place them in the appropriate places on the page.

Also on the home page, you can see the six main things people love about Just Believe Fit, which is amazing to have! People are looking for why you’re different, and Marissa has done a great job showcasing that.

Moving through the site, you can also see the different classes offered with clear visuals that show what each class is which really takes that next step, along with the integration of the online resources available for customers. It makes it really easy for the customers, letting them pay online and get notifications.

Another thing about this site that deserves a shout out is the About Us page, it really highlights who Marissa is and why customers should choose Just Believe Fit. It comes across with a sense of confidence and clarity that really emphasizes the qualifications and certifications. The information on the staff really screams that you guys are the real deal!

Richard’s personal favourite about the site is the contact page. It gives customers the option to connect through Instagram and Google and really highlights the Unique Selling Proposition: your team!

Congratulations Marissa! We hope this takes your brand to the next level.

Visit Marrissa’s site here https://www.justbelievefit.com.au/