Why keeping in contact with past, current and potential clients is so important

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Great companies are generally associated with great customer service. The quality of a product or service is one thing, but constant support, communication and assistance is what results in referrals, satisfied clients and an impeccable reputation.

What do today’s customers want and how does add to your triple bottom line?

Most purchases by customers are emotional, meaning they are trusting on you to meet their needs. However, here is the alarming fact. Most companies are simply ‘good time charlies’, all they focus on is the next sale, followed by the next…. Sales are important, but sales that lack support and correct backing can also lead to unwanted problems down the track, problems no business wants to deal with again. Customers want to be cared for and nurtured. They want support when they needed help yesterday.

Every sale is a potential for another new client. It’s your current clients that build your reputation, add value to your product and ultimately promote referral business, the cheapest and easiest lead to close! It’s for this reason that continued contact, support and communication is crucial in maintaining and growing the core of your business.

How can consistent emails amongst your network benefit your business?

An email every day is annoying, but a consistent flow of emails, every second day or weekly, shows your client your company ‘cares’. Emails are also personal, directive and allow your network to read, digest and respond at their own convenience. It also continues to build a relationship of trust beyond the sales process. Having a warm network also makes it easier for upsells, referrals and customer feedback, three processes that are a must in any successful business.

Place more emphasis on continuing a relationship with your clients and prospects beyond the point of contact and sales process. There are many email systems in the market that can automate this process for you. If you don’t have a relationship with your network, start building one.