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This week on the podcast we dive deep into the topic of knowing your numbers. Business is a numbers game. The more leads you get in, the more likely clients you are going to have. The more conversations you have, the more leads you’ll acquire. We dive into exactly how to work out the numbers you need in your business including your ‘magic number’ which means you can stop worrying about ‘will I get new clients this week.’

Work your numbers and the numbers never lie. Enjoy.

Key Points From This Episode

7:09 – posting on Instagram is not going to get you 500 new members

11:09 – What is a client worth to you?

12:36 – What are you willing to pay for a client?

17:00 – The real cost of Facebook

23:00 – How to work out the cost of your aquisition

26:47 – How to split your marketing budget between Awareness and Conversion

34:00 – How to work out your magic number

39:00 – Facebook isn’t a magic pill


Links from this Episode

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