Landing page conversion tips 101

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The rise of the internet has changed and defined many aspects of our lives. More importantly, the way consumers make decisions and react. It’s unfortunate, but today, consumers are more likely to trust a review online over word of mouth. Consumers have the luxury to shop around for the best price with a few clicks of a button and consumers are smarter and they don’t buy the traditional push sales mentality…

So the questions here, in simple terms, why are my website visitors not enquiring with me?

So you have heaps of ‘targeted’ traffic, a concise call to action, basically your website is well optimised but, your still not getting enough leads….

There’s a problem here.

All consumers have an interest, want or need. However, they also have objections and individual reservations. <<– this here is the ‘block’, the difference between interest and a converted lead.

The solution is to understand these barriers and provide prospects with engaging content that removes these objections and induces desire. You will never be able to remove fear completely, but you can outweigh the negatives of not taking action over the possible negatives if you do take action….

Here are the key components EVERY well converting page needs…

1. Relevance

Ensure your content is relevant and specific about the topic at hand. There is nothing worse than looking/expecting something and hearing something completely irrelevant. Relevance sparks interest and engages attention but solely, will not generate action <<– this is important to understand.

2. Value over benefits

The most common mistake in marketing is overloading benefits followed by more benefits. This is not to say the benefits of your product are important, but consumers want value. The difference between value and benefits are how personally attached your consumer becomes to your company. Everyone knows that healthy eating has its benefits but how many people overall eat purely ‘healthy’? The point here is that your prospect needs to be engaged and emotionally attracted to your product.

3. Personality

Have content that is personable and at the level of your consumer, this is a big factor in creating value and belief in your prospects. For examples, having a company owner speak in a video to their online audience about their business, in most cases, is more powerful than paragraphs of written content. By engaging with your online consumers on a personal level, it makes your value and product benefits so much more appealing to the degree where there is both a personal and emotion benefit.

4. Urgency

At the end of the day, every website and or landing page wants conversion, whether in the form of a direct call, email address or question. Urgency is a very misused concept. For example, everyone knows that your product thats been reduced to $97 was never really $297…….. Urgency provokes action, therefore, without urgency the best ideas, concepts and products are nothing more than a ‘cool ad’. In saying this, true urgency can only be attained through self acceptance, that the prospects needs to make this decision. This is why steps 1 – 3 are so important in building a personal engagement whereby, you have overcome the prerequisite reservations of your online prospect.

5. Commitment

Whether  your call to action is a free download, consultation or webinar, this is what it comes down to. Now if you’ve experienced high traffic volume with a  lack of conversion, you’ve most probably been ineffective in your approach to fulfil steps 1 – 4. Simply, putting away the minute number of impulse buyers, people will not give you a commitment without personally accepting that you are their solution. Your primary call to action should always be the next step to buying, not always the final purchase itself. Keep in mind this is subject to the type of business model you run.

These five factors need to be equally effective for any page that converts well. Missing any aspect of these steps will impede your ability to convert.

Another important consideration is ensuring that the content used on this landing page is also copy that is attractive to Google. This is to ensure that your content is not only effective for ‘conversion’ but also for Search engine and rankings for your website. To learn more on how you can implement these landing page conversion tips while also improving your on-page content for Google’s eyes  [Click Here] <