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We are so excited when websites can go live and today we are celebrating Miranda on launching her website! Miranda is a personal trainer and a Myotherapist. The website for a business owner is their home base, so making sure that the website portrays the owner’s message and story is crucial. Here at COM we aim to make sure all of our websites characterise the business owner and their service; the goal is to have the business owner have a clear message. Miranda’s site does an amazing job representing herself and what she has to offer as a personal trainer. Let’s take a look at what she has done.

Miranda’s main message is loving yourself and your body. When you look at her website the soft tones of purple and teal, accompanied with the fun photos of her clients makes potential clients motivated to move and excited about themselves. The combination of the soft colours, strong photos, and overall simplicity of the site shows what kind of personal trainer Miranda is. Miranda went an extra step by taking her own photos of her clients. The photos are high quality and are clear which is a pleasant aesthetic to her website. The originality of the photos showcases Miranda’s attention to detail and how far Miranda is willing to go for her clients.

Opening up the home page you scroll down and read Miranda’s story, where you can connect with what Miranda is saying and what her services can do for you. All of Miranda’s content is deep, meaningful, and connects with everyone whether you are interested in personal training or Myotherapy. When you check out her services and click on the Personal training tab, you see the key focuses throughout each session: Mindset, warmup, conditioning, and cool down, which is a unique way to describe one’s personal training session. The description is written in a way that the client is going to go into the session knowing what is going to happen and not be afraid of the process.

In addition, of the chosen font and colours, to Miranda’s deep content, Miranda’s logo is clean, sleek and original. Someone’s logo is the way they represent themselves and Miranda’s logo does the job beautifully. The circle shape with her initials gets to the point in a soothing and welcoming way. The brand is consistent throughout all platforms, which is what you want when you look at her Facebook, you immediately see her colors and logo which makes connection easy to achieve.  The placement of the logo on her website is perfect because a client will know what website they are on, but it is not in your face all the time.

COM marketing strives to make sure that our personal trainers keep their websites updated, appealing and most of all personal. We tailor each site to match the personal trainer’s persona. Miranda’s site is a representation of her and her business and we are so pleased with how it turned out and cannot wait to see what success Miranda’s business will bring. COM marketing wants everyone to bring their true self to their websites; if you have any questions regarding our process and logistics please visit our website…

Visit Mirada’s site here http://mirandahalma.com.au/