Niche Down To Scale Up | Quick Wins With COM Episode 69

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Niching is a funny topic. It really doesn’t make sense. How can limiting your audience cause you to be able to reach MORE people? But that’s exactly what choosing a niche can do for your business – it can be the catalyst for some serious scale in your business.

Niche Down to Scale Up

Being all things to all people will leave you being nothing to a whole lot of people. When you neglect to choose a niche in your business you are really limiting your potential to be the number 1 trainer or studio in your area. Because when you’re trying to reach everyone – you are also competing with everyone. But by choosing a niche – you are actual limit your competition and are much more likely to be able to be that number 1 or 2 in your area.

Solve Problems For Your Niche

Niching is about solving multiple problems for the same audience. Let’s imagine for a moment that your niche is women. When women come to train with you they most likely have some kids at home. So immediately you need to solve the problems of ample parking, kids facilities and convenient class times. Once you choose your niche you can work out the problems of that particular segment and start to solve those problems – which brings you that step closer to number 1 or 2 in your area.

How do you know which Niche to choose?

First things first – look at your current clients and work out the commonalities between them. Maybe your niche is female only or male only, or people with injuries or any number of other similarities. Secondly, think about the problems that these people might all have in common and how can you solve those problems for them.

Remember, don’t be a number ??? in a sea of competition. Choose a niche that you can serve so well that you become that number 1 or 2 in your area.