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“How am I going to do that?” is what Leanne Bennett asked herself when she first realized she needed a new strategy to make her website go to the next level. Today on Ninja on the move we have Leanne Bennett, who has developed online makeup courses and fun fact, is lucky to have a great website domain, Leanne started her makeup website and courses in 1999. As a young mother she wanted to be home with her kids but also earn some sort of income. 23 years ago the only available makeup courses were face to face and during the day. Leanne also remembered how much she had spent on getting her makeup done for her wedding and thought well “I can do that”. Leanne saw a niche and made make up lessons available to everyone at any time of the day. Leanne came to COM needing help with creating content and most importantly tackling a strategy. Social media was a great way for Leanne to increase her sales and leads with the digital market. Leanne mentions after working with COM she had a strategy, was able to create more content and learned how to use Facebook to her advantage. As she increased the use of Facebook, Facebook brought her more leads and overall more engagement. Today’s work ethic is all about moving and not having that extra time, with that Leanne noticed that people don’t have time to make phone calls. Messenger can be used during any time of the day. Leanne mentions she has been making the majority of her sales through Facebook messenger. Leanne saw that there was an easier way to connect through messenger, she mentions “the conversations were more natural and organic”, which she then lead through the sales funnel gaining another lead. Leanne was also mentioning that people have conversations within themselves on her platform; asking questions, making decisions and overall developing a great makeup community. We love to see our ninjas applying different lessons we teach. The lessons are there as a guidance for ninjas to use to mould to their businesses to what they want it to be. Leanne took our information and used what would fit best to her business. The change in using Facebook and messenger as the main way of communication increased her leads and all it took was learning how to use Facebook effectively. Applying a solid strategy is very important to one’s business and Leanne shows that establishing a strong strategy is easier than one thinks and can bring your business to the next level.

Leanna questioned herself on how she was going to be able to improve her business, after going through the Ninja program Leanna is not questioning how anymore she is questioning when. COM marketing can help you if you have any roadblocks or hesitation, click on the link to find out more of how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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