Purple Cow Marketing to WOW your clients | Crush Wednesday Ep 50

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How do you stand out in a crowd of personal trainers who all look the same? You become a purple cow! The concept of Purple Cow Marketing came from legendary marketer – Seth Godin, who originally coined the term. Think about driving through the country and seeing a herd of cattle. They all look the same – there’s nothing really remarkable about them. But imagine you saw a herd of cattle and one was purple? Now that is remarkable.

Purple cow marketing is doing remarkable things and having a remarkable product so much so that you stand out among all the other ‘brown cows.’ In this episode of Crush Wednesday Richard goes deep into three specific WOW areas and methods that you can use to stand out in your marketplace.

WOW Conversations

Go beyond hello. Rather than just walking past people in the gym and nodding your head or telling them to put their weights away. Engage in conversation with them. Maybe ask them what their goals are for 2019 or offer to buy them a coffee – anything that gets you talking to them on a deeper level.

Offer to train with someone. How about instead of asking people to do your training sessions. Why not do a training session with someone the gym. And then at the end of the session – ask them next time to do one of your sessions in return.


WOW Referrals

Offer something CRAZY. For the month of January offer something to anyone who brings a referral. Maybe it’s a massage voucher, or cash money or even if someone brings a friend – you give them both a session for free.

Create Open Days For Training. Make your gym or training more open during January. Each Saturday have an open day – where anyone is able to join you for training. Or maybe it’s a special ‘bring a friend’ day, ‘bring your mum’ day, ‘bring your BFF’ day.


WOW Customer Service

The simple things work well to WOW your current clients. The key here is to create remarkable experiences that your clients want to share with their friends and family.

Fresh Fridays. Surprise your clients with fresh fruit at the end of a session or a protein or coffee session at the end of our training.

Special Session to begin the year. Offer everyone who trains with you a special goal setting session to begin the year. Or maybe a meditation session for clients.


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