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Being Reactive VS Response in business
Quick Wins with COM Episode 32


Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about being Reactive Vs Responsive
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Video Transcription

R. Toutounji: Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. I’m Richard Toutounji and I’m coming here from New York City, actually in Times Square. I thought this is a really great place to talk about a subject that’s really been playing with my mind for months and months now. I’ve been testing different theories out. I call it the reactive versus responsive. It’s making sure that at a time like today where we have social media going on, there’s lights. Everybody right here wants our attention. Attention is everywhere. There’s lights, there’s cameras, there’s social media, there’s apps. There’s phone calls. There’s instant messaging. We’re 24/7 connected. In a world of 24/7 connected, how do we stop being reactive? If you continue to be reactive, what is going to happen to the business? What’s going to happen to choices that you make? You see it’s really important to make sure that we don’t just go in a reactive mode if someone calls us, if someone emails us. There could be problems in the business, there could be a client complaint, there could be people that want to do business with you. But if you consistently stay at that reactive mode, the right decisions, the right opportunities will not execute correctly. I call it being responsive, and making sure that you’re really responsive on what you’re talking about, not reactive. Making sure that you’re getting your messages out really clearly every time. Instead of just reacting straight away, just take a second, take a moment and be responsive with your answers. In a society like today, yes we need the quick answers, but what people are looking for are the right answers. People are looking for leadership. People are looking for business owners that can make sure that they’re delivering the best possible product and service to the marketplace. Next time that you take that phone, next time that somebody wants that quick answer, just stop for a second and say, “Am I being reactive in the situation? Or could I provide a much better response to this situation?” That’s today’s episode of Quick Wins with COM. As I said, coming from NewYork Times Square, and be sure to tune next time, we’re going to talk all about mindset.

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