The Perfect Time To Open Your Own Fitness Studio

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As a PT, owning a fitness studio is the end goal. The latest episode of The Marketing Muscle Up Show, Richard talks with Adriano Rizzo, PT and owner of Rizz Fitness and they discuss about figuring out when the right time is for a personal trainer to finally open a fitness studio.

Adriano has been in the fitness industry for 8 years, experiencing up and down throughout his career. He talks about patience, and how often it’s one forgotten trait a PT must have to achieve goals, especially when deciding to open a studio. What got him through the uncertainties and doubts was trusting in the process and following through with the steps and taking action to ensure a smooth opening.

While waiting for the perfect timing, Adriano got demotivated and was unsure whether to continue pursuing his dream or to throw in the towel. It took a whole lot of mental fortitude to be able to shift his mindset towards the positive amidst adversity. He realized he didn’t want to do anything else and it’s the only career path he wants to pursue because it is where his passion lies.

He pushed himself hard to get to where he wanted to be and that yielded great results. From working in his nana’s garage to working on a gym, he now has his own space.

If you are also on a similar journey, this episode is filled with a lot of valuable and practical tips to prepare you for opening your own fitness studio.