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Service vs Solutions – Quick Wins with COM Episode 07

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard  Toutounji talks all about Service Vs Solutions.
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Video Transcription

Richard : Hey, welcome back. It’s Richard Toutounji and today’s episode of COM Quick Wins is one thing I’m really passionate about. It’s the topic of solutions versus services. You see, I believe the service business is totally dead. I think if we’re still playing the service game that we’re going to lose out. I believe it’s all about the solution game. They’re coming for you for a solution an outcome to their biggest problem that they face.

You see, once you understand that you’re in the solution business, not the service business things become much easier. You see, when people come to us, our marketing company, they generally say, “I want to do SEO,” because they heard that was the latest, greatest thing. Or, “I want a website.” But you see, it’s not what they want, that’s the service of it. They want a solution. You see, they might want more leads or more inquiries.

Look another example, a personal trainer. It’s not like you want to get up at five or six o’clock in the morning to go train and get sweaty before work. It’s not what you want, but if you understand their why, like they want to feel fitter. They may want to lose weight, they want to have more confidence, then they have a reason. They understand that all the process, the process of getting up at 6 o’clock in the morning, the process of eating better actually provides them the solution. It’s all solution based, it’s so much solution based.

Once you get that, I always like to ask another question. When I ask what their why is, then I ask, “How can I provide value to you to achieve the why? How can I provide value to you to achieve the solution, to achieve the why, to achieve the outcome?” They think about it and they go, “Ah, I believe you can provide me … I believe you can provide me the outcome and the solution.” Then the next part I take it down is, I like to show them what I believe services they need to provide the solution.

You see, I’ve done it in a really easy format and it’s called our blueprint. I believe every business should have something like this. You see, we have about nineteen different services. This is our blueprint, it’s color coded for simplicity only. This result is more leads and clients in your business. You can look at any industry and you can do the same thing here. You see, these are the main sections that people are calling out. It could be online presence, it could be targeted traffic, it could be quality content. Now, under quality content there’s things like: videos, podcasts, articles. They don’t actually want a video or an article, they may want reputation, they may want more leads. But there’s no point doing nineteen different services to achieve the outcome, once we understand what the why is. Once we understand how we can provide a solution.

You see, I believe something like this, a blueprint, works in any industry. When you’re talking to a client, a first time client, if this is something you have around your office. If this is something that you share all the time, people can see it visually that, you know what, my result is a weight loss, my result is more leads, or my result is that fixing that broken tap. But to get there, there’s going to be different levels. There’s going to be different costs, there’s going to be different time frames. But if you have a blueprint, it’s like this is the bible. This is your creation, this is your creativity all on one page.

I recommend getting something like this. I recommend by putting all the services down and then deliver what the outcome is. You know if you’re a personal trainer, they’ve got to train three times a week, they’ve got to eat better. But then you can show them a graph, okay, you do these things, your outcome is going to be delivered, your solution is going to be delivered. You know what, I’ve actually got these hanging in my office. I want to show you what it looks like really big. Come on.

Here it is. Whenever we’re dealing with clients, we always want to make sure that the culture and that the blueprint is there displayed. Here it is, this is the plan. I mean, this is where it’s all happening. We’ve taken this and just made it really big. It means that we’re really clear when our clients come in, they know the result, they know their outcome. If you can deliver that with a client, as I said, there’s no problems. It’s not like, who’s going to take your services? It’s that you know that you can deliver result. It’s proven here with all your services. This is what everybody’s done for years as traditional businesses. They’ve delivered the services, it doesn’t make sure that that’s the clear result they’re going to have. I hope that’s really helped you to understand that this stuff works. It works when you’re dealing with clients. It works when you can say, “Hey, this is the solution and this is how I’m going to provide you that result.”

There you have it. I really liked to show you that because to me, an outcome like this, a solution based servicing company works much better in 2016 than going through the old-school of, “Here’s our service and this is our price,” that sort of thing. People pay for a solution and an outcome. If you can focus on their why’s and if you can provide value to them, you will win every time against your competitors.

There you go, there’s the Quick Win for this week. Go out, take it, try it out, test it out. Put all your services on a sheet and then say, “Hey, that’s how you deliver the result.” You know it works, you’ve done it for years and years and years. All you have to do is make it nice and clean. If that’s helped you, please share it, like it. Share it with your other business owners because we really want to help provide value to you to make sure that your online marketing works the best.

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