Skills vs Passion- What Is More Important for Success?| Crush Wednesday Episode 88

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Passion Vs. Skills – the great debate 

What’s more important passion or skills? This is a great debate that leaves many people wondering which holds higher value and in this Crush Wednesday episode we have an answer for you!  Passion and skills are the necessities for careers, exercising, parenting, training, you name it! They are the fundamentals of life.

However, as important as skills are, passion is the driver of your life. If you don’t have the passion you can not grow. Passion is what leads you to build your skills, so without passion, you won’t have the skills you need to succeed.

When did you start your business or started something important? What was the primary force that drove you? Was it skills or passion? 

You often go into something with skills very low and you are able to develop the skills you need later on. It is a passion that drives you, it starts you off and gives you the initial push that keeps you going. Knowledge and skills are picked up along the way.

As you grow in your career and in life you must be cautious that your skills never outweigh your passion. The moment your passion declines is the moment that you cannot grow. You may get to a point in life where you have the knowledge and skills to succeed but the passion just is not there, and you lose that motivation that you had when you started out. At the beginning of something, it is easy to have passion because you don’t know anything else and you can learn along the way. However after a long period of time when you are succeeding you may think ‘I know this’ and get bored. This is when passion needs to be at the forefront to motivate you to persist.

Your skills will raise over the years so you must ensure your passion does too. When you go into anything the key is to pretend you do not have the knowledge required. This means asking yourself ‘What can I learn here?’, ‘ How can I gain knowledge?’. It may sound crazy to dumb yourself down but it means you can gain knowledge and this will rectify your passion. If you want to crush what you do and grow you must constantly go into something knowing that there is always something you can learn to grow your mind and have that passion.

How many years have you been in business? 

It is very difficult as we move further along to understand skills vs passion and how it affects our growth. As you move forward what you find is that the longer you have been in business the more the passion level may change. If anything it could decrease. When you want to grow your business you need to put yourself back into the first day you started your business. You need to constantly put yourself back to the state of mind when you first started and passion was the driver. 

Keep using passion to drive you and the knowledge and skills will come from that. Passion is the underlying force that will take you to the place you want to go and as result skills will develop. So hold onto your passion as this is what you need to succeed!

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