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Where Are Your Customers – Quick Wins with COM Episode 27

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about where our customers are.
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Video Transcription

R. Toutounji: Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. I’m Richard Toutounji. We help businesses innovate in the new way of online marketing, and speaking of online marketing, I’m in the city Sydney CBD. Right behind me, we’ve got a bus. We’ve got a billboard. There’s all this traditional marketing media around. There’s all this advertising and billboards, and posters, and I’m thinking why are we still focusing on so much of our marketing dollars and so much of our marketing money, it’s all going into this. The problem is when we look at just across the road, the buses, everybody’s on these things here with their heads down. It’s like, we put all the focus into here, but is anybody even looking at this. Even though they’re still waiting for their bus, are they actually looking at the bus, or they’re actually looking at their phone?

The question is, if we really want to get to our customer advertise, our marketplace, where are they actually watching? Where is there eyeballs at that stage? Is it on the bus? Is it on the billboard? Or is it in someone’s phone? Or is your market not at bus stalls? Are your market taking Ubers, taking taxis? What are they doing in the taxi? Are they still on their phone? I guarantee you probably most likely, they’ve got their head in their device.

It’s about rethinking your marketing. Are you still doing marketing yellow pages? Or have you decided that, hey, yellow pages, that style, this billboards is not working the way it was working. The question you need to ask yourself is where are my customers? What are they doing? How are they consuming advertising? I’m Richard from Complete Online Marketing. I want you to take up the challenge. I want you to go find your customer [avatar 00:01:34], customers, your potential clients, and figure out how they consume their information, what style they’re consuming it, and the way they consume it. Then, that will give the answers and the clues of where to put your marketing dollars, where to put your time in marketing, and this is going to give you greater returns, greater profitability, and greater business. See you next time.

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