How to solve your clients problems to close a sale #29

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Solve Their Problem – Quick Wins with COM Ep

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about solving problems.
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Video Transcription

R. Toutounji: Welcome back to Quick Wins With Com. I’m Richard Toutounji. We help businesses really innovate and create new marketing methods in the online space. Today I wanted to share with you what I believe the fastest and the easiest way to really figure out if your product and service will make it in the new marketplace or not. We work a lot of businesses who need to shift what their doing to recreate what they want to create online. To recreate something online it’s sometimes so much harder than just doing a retail store because literally you have to take the retail store and put it online, and so that means that you have to get your message across really fast and really effective, using online methods. Basically, who you’re trying to attract is everybody, everybody that’s walking past, anybody that’s talking, they’re your potential clients.

How I try and figure out if my product or my service is going to work well, I want to go where people are and I just want to smell the air, I want to figure out, do you think my market are going to be interested in my product or not? Sometimes it’s easiest to go and talk to people. Hang out at different locations where you’re avatar and your clients will be, and then figure out what they want. Pretty much you want to solve their problem that they have. If you can solve the problem which they have then you win the game online. If you don’t solve the problem that they currently have, they’re never going to really engage and take up your services eventually. They may engage, sorry, but are they really going to buy or get your services? You need to figure out really who your customers are and what information they need, what products and service do they need to be delivered to them? Thanks so much.

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