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Stories – Quick Wins with COM Episode 12

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about stories.
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Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Welcome back to Com Quick Wins. I’m Richard Toutounji, and today I’m talking about stories. Stories. How can you bring a story in to your business? Let’s take business cards for example. People give business cards out like they’re going out of fashion. These are traditional ways to market your business. They’re very effective, but they’re much more effective if every business card that goes out, there’s a story attached behind the business card. You see, let’s say you’re meeting a client, and you’re a personal trainer, and you share your business card and you give that to the client.

Then the client is really asking for your service because of your experience, because of your passion, because they believe that you’re best person for the job. If you’re a solicitor, they want to know that you’ve had other cases before and just to put them at ease, it’s always great if you can share a little snippet of story. You see, every business card goes out, there’s got to be a story attached to the business card. So it shares the passion. It shares the excitement. It shares that you’re the right person for them.

See, if it’s just a business card, it’s just like anybody else. But if it’s a story, it’s just are passionate, it’s much more relative, so you’ve got to get a few different stories always on the go. Whenever you talk to a client, you got to have your story ready to go. You hand out a business card, and then you share them with a quick story that relates to their situation. You’re going to have different type of clients, but at the same time you’re going to have similar stories to fit with every different client you’re talking to. That’s how you build rapport and that’s how you build relationships, because business cards are just that.

They’re just a business card, and they’re not that effective if there’s nothing behind the business card. If they pick it up on the street and they see it there, they go, “Okay, that’s great, it’s there”. If you hand it to them it’s even better, but if you hand it to them and you talk about why that from your experience and from past clients that this is the reason why I’m in business, this is the reason why I know I’m going to get you results. It’s much more convicting. It’s more passionate, and I guarantee you, if you share the right story with the right client, they’re going to form trust, a bond, and a great working relationship moving forward.

The question is, what’s stories do you have to share? If you’re in business and if you’ve been in life, you’ve always got stories you can share with people, to inspire them, to lift them up, and to know that they’re about to hand over money to you for a service or a product and you want to make sure that you are the right person for that. Next time try it out. Get a business card and put story behind your business card. That’s today’s COM Quick Wins. I hope you enjoyed it. Comment below, share if you like and I’ll see y next time on the COM Quick Wins.

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