The Magic of Fourth Quarter | Crush Wednesday Episode 85

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The fourth quarter is finally here and the rush of the end of the year is upon us! How did another year fly by so quickly? In this episode of Crush Wednesday Angela explains the 4 steps that you should follow to finish 2019 with a bang! 

You may have set some great personal and professional goals and we want to make sure that between now and the end of the year that we have achieved these goals! The fourth quarter of the year is where it all starts to come together.

Remember that how you finish 2019 is how you will start 2020, so finishing the year strong will help you start the new year even stronger! What we do in this fourth quarter will either make or break us in terms of making our dreams a reality. 

Follow these steps to achieve magic in the fourth quarter: 

• Start with the end in mind

For many of us, the future has a lot of fear around it because we can’t predict or control it. Thinking big can seem hard because our feet are in the present, for so many of us we can only see where our business is right now. It’s impossible to think about the big picture when we only look at where we are now.

It’s important during this step to not accept this year’s numbers as the standard for you. Look at where you are now when you started your business, you probably thought your current position was unattainable. You can ALWAYS achieve more! It’s important to challenge your mind and think from a growth perspective so you don’t allow today’s results to seem normal.

You need to put attention to the numbers you want to achieve. Create the future you want and go after it. We already do this with so many things, like planning a holiday – We know what the weather will be like, what we’re taking, what to eat – We envisage it and get an understanding of what it will be like, so it’s important to do this from a business perspective.

  • Assume that you have already achieved your goal 

For this step to be effective you must visualize yourself in the future and imagine it is the 31st December 2019.  Where are you? Who are you with? Reflecting on the year that was both personally and professionally – How are you feeling? Imagine that every goal you have set in 2019 has been achieved.

What goals are you imagining? The worst enemy of our big hairy audacious goal’s (BHAG) is our own ties to the present. We must think differently to get to where we want to be at the end of the year. You need to think – What does the business need from me? What do you need to do in your business to make your dream results a reality.

With this step, it’s so important to start with the outcome and the results and work backward from there.

  • Ask yourself what happened to get to you achieving your goal

By imagining the goal is already achieved, you are able to make it possible. Since it is possible, what did you do differently to get there? This process is a powerful goal-setting tool. Most people say they would not have come up with as many great ideas without it.

So what had to happen to get you there? Was it from facebook lives, email marketing, a special offer? What will you do differently to achieve your goals? You have given yourself the gift of hindsight in this step and that is a very powerful tool.

  • You are the magic

So what now? Between where you envisage yourself and your business on the 31st December 2019 and where you sit in your business today it is undeniable that there is a gap in the middle. That gap is YOU! You hold the power to make your goals a reality. This is the only thing missing. You are the magic in the middle that can help your personal and business goals a reality!

With less than 100 days until the 31st December 2019, we wish you good luck in making your goals a reality!

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