Zipleads/FTI/MYPT: The New Way to Market Your Fitness Business In 2021

The New Way To Market Your Fitness Business in 2021

There are two mistakes that most fitness business owners make when it comes to marketing. Chasing after the newest hacks and tactics except they constantly have to find new ones as old ones stop working. Or relying on just one marketing channel and being dead in the water if it fails.

​Discover the new way to market your fitness business in 2021 with the 5 funnel approach that can get leads flooding into your business consistently & dependably.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • ​The only 5 marketing channels you need in your fitness business

  • ​Why relying on Facebook Ads is a recipe for disaster

  • ​How to turn the lead tap on and off for your fitness business.

  • ​How to stop chasing shiny marketing tactics and find out what works…every time.

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