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Welcome to Episode 6! Today we’re talking all about the fastest way to transform your business and grow in the most fast and efficient way – it’s simple. Find your uniqueness and your niche (your audience.

There’s a common thread when we talk to people about niching – most people get scared when talking about niching because they think it will limit the possible amount of people they can market to. But in actual fact it’s quite the opposite. Niching means that you only need to talk to ONE kind of person and you become the EXPERT to that person.

One you do that you become a specialist (rather than a general practitioner). And now people actually seek you out as a specialist. And now you’re a specialist you can actually charge MORE.

Listen to the episode for more great gems on how to niche your business.


Show Notes

3:46 – What is a niche?

4:59 – GP versus a Specialist

6:18 – Nolan’s Niche story

9:50 – Should you choose a niche straight away?

11:12 – The COM Niche story

13:19 – Learning to say ‘no’ to the wrong people

14:15  How to get the ‘right people’ into your business

14:41 – What to think about before you niche

15:57 – The first steps to niching

17:36 – Change images and content to be in line with your niche

18:47 – How to deal with people outside your niche

21:56 – Why Niching means MORE rather than LESS

25:33 – How to identify the current trends and ride the wave

26:42 – Who are you getting results for?

27:30 – How to run Facebook Ads for your niche



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