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What’s Your Vision? – Quick Wins with COM Ep 13

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about your vision.
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Video Transcription

Richard : Welcome back to COM Quick Wins. It’s Richard Toutounji. Today, we’re talking all about vision. You see, I believe every business has a vision. Some are clear and some are just a little bit fazy or a bit hazy because you don’t go into business unless you have some sort of vision. You need a vision to go into business. Otherwise, you’re not going to start a business. Generally, small businesses start a business or any entrepreneur starts a business because they’ve got a problem that they believe they can solve better. You got to go back to why you started it and who you want to help. That’s the most important thing. Once you identify that, then you’re going to build a business, and a culture, and a marketing plan around that single vision.

When you’re clear on your vision, you’re going to attract the right clients. You’re going to get much better results for your clients, or your services, or your product. You’re going to get raving reviews and it means that you’re not going to be working with clients that you can’t service or the clients you simply don’t like. It means that you can fire the clients that aren’t in your vision, that aren’t in your mission.

You see, our vision at COM is helping traditional businesses win in the new age of online marketing. Let me show you something. This is a poster that we put up everywhere around to make sure that we’re super clear. When clients walk in the door, they know if we can help them or not. Let me show you this piece of information here.

This is our vision statement. Vision statements aren’t new. They’ve been with us for hundreds and hundreds of years. My question is: is your vision statement really identifying with your piece of market? You see, ours is this: helping traditional businesses win in the new age of online marketing. You can say, “I’m passionate about that. I have a passion for that because I love business. I love traditional businesses.” What they’re confused about is how they can best take their traditional business and win and dominate in the new way to market. You see, that’s our mission. Every client that comes in our door, we’re very clear if we can help that person or not and they’re very clear if we’re the right provider for them. You see, if you’re clear on this mission, everything else flows into place. We’ve got our vision at the top. We’ve got our mission and we’ve got our values that we’re working with our organization.

The highlight here is to really be clear of who you’re targeting and then your marketing all fits into place. Our mission is to empower, engage and encourage businesses to create change and achieve growth through online marketing, education and implementation. See, we deliver education courses, and products, and program. We have implementation through our service division of online marketing. That’s the change that we want to create for traditional businesses moving into that space, moving into that space of the unknown world that they know they’re great in business, but they need to get out into the online world. We believe that we’re the best people to help that.

What are you passionate about? What is your mission that you want to get to and who do you want to serve more people of? Once you get that, it’s easy. Marketing is easy once you understand that. You see, with marketing, especially online marketing and anything like that, there’s a lot of competition out in the marketplace. To beat all the competition, it means that you’ve just got to be the leader, not the follower. You got to lead your industry with what you believe in. You got to lead your industry with your experience. There’s no point having that in you. You need to get that out to the marketplace.

The best way to do that, the simplest way to do that is to put it on paper, put it in your website, put it on your office and say, “This is our vision. This is our mission and this is what we stand for.” What do you need to change in your business? What vision and mission are you leading your staff, your clients to? You can’t cater everybody. The breakdown of this is to get clear on who you’re targeting and what you’re standing for. If you can do that really well, everything else falls into place.

That’s the episode for this week. It is a bit of a different episode this week because it’s not so much a quick win. You will have to think about this process and really write down and then go over it and then go, “Right. This is what I need to do.” If you need help, let us know. Comment below and share what your mission, and what your vision is, and what you stand for in your business. Then just watch how easy it is to bring the right type of clients in for your business because there’s no competition out there if you’re very clear and precise of who you want in your business. Thanks so much. This is Richard. I look forward to seeing you next time in the COM Quick Wins.

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