What To Do When Someone Say “NO” In A Sales Conversion | Crush Wednesday Episode 81

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Turning NO into kNOwledge!

Today Raymond and Angela are talking about overcoming objections within your small business, with just four simple steps! So that you can gain a better understanding of your clients and grow your business. The easy four-step CARE process will allow you to gain a better understanding of why people love to say No and how you can change this for your business.

Step 1: Check your understanding

This is all about knowing your problems and the ways you can overcome them, at the end of the day if you don’t understand your problem then you won’t be able to solve it.

Step 2: Acknowledge feelings

In order to turn that NO into NOW, you need to understand the feelings of your client and empathize. Try and understand what they are going through.

Step 3: Respond with options

Giving your client options will allow them to feel more connected and will give your service a more personal note.

Finally step 4: Extend an invitation

Responding with options will lead to extending invitations which will allow you to have a partial commitment to the client that you can then work into a full commitment.

Through Raymond and Angela’s simple four-step CARE process, you will be able to secure and grow your business by turning No into Yes!

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