Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? | Crush Wednesday Ep 76

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Welcome to Crush Wednesdays with Richard Toutounji. This week we are joined by Richard’s brother Raymond, for his first Crush Wednesday! Raymond alongside his wife works to assist women in their business endeavors, supporting and guiding them along the journey.

Today’s topic is a fundamental understanding, required for business growth and success. With comparisons to sporting competitions and weight-loss, Raymond highlights the importance of problem- solving and strategizing, learning to ‘tweak’ and ‘change’ to win. Thus, making the boat go faster.

Raymond’s particular focus on losing weight provides us with a clear analogy of achieving a goal. It is all about having clarity of the endgame, which in Raymond’s case, allowed him to put down that last cookie, as he saw it as prevention to his goal weight.

So, let’s focus on how to make YOUR boat go faster. It all starts with a clear focus. 

If you are trying to scale your business, you need to look at the important tasks which will allow you to move forward, rather than just occupy your time. Having a clear focus means making it visible…a constant reminder. This might be a phone screen, a laptop background or a simple vision board.

With every decision in the business, we must ask ‘Will it help in the direct achievement of my goal?’…’ Will it help make the boat go faster?’

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