3 Ways To Up Your Content Game – Quick Wins With COM Ep 63

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Content – right? Everyone says you need to do it, but how do you fit it in, make it quality and have it attract exactly the right kind of person? Using your PT sessions to capture video and images is a good idea and great for quick snaps on Instagram stories. But if you really want to create great pillar content that is going to attract the right kind of person, you need to go beyond the quick snap or Instagram story.

A great way to do this is to have regular content shooting days. Get a group of your clients together for a special session so that you can capture video and images for a month or two’s worth of content. Why create a special session for this? Well, first of all doing it as part of a normal session can be problematic – you might not have the time to get the best shots, not to mention that the client is paying YOU to train them, not to get content.

So creating some content days were you batch a whole lot of videos and images on is a great way to make sure that you have top notch content throughout the month to use on social media, on your website, for blogs and emails and more.

It’s important that you create the right kind of content that reaches your ideal demographic. Here are 3 tips to ensure you are creating content that is going to reach your avatar.


Firstly, you need to prepare for the shoot. If you’re going to be creating content for a month then you need to prepare what kind of shots you would like. We call this a shot list. You might have some different images you’ve found online as inspiration for the shoot – bring these along.

What kind of people do you want there? Think about the people you want to invite. Who are the people you are trying to attract? Make sure you have those kind of people at the shoot.

If you are doing videos, think about the kind of video you are going to film. It could be a gym walkthrough where you show people through the facility, maybe it’s a sales video where you talk about your offer, it could be an educational video or a video showing how to do a certain exercise in the gym.

Whatever type of video you choose (and you may choose more than one) make sure you have a brief outline of what will be included in the video including any scripts or dot points that you have to speak about on camera and any extra shots that you want as overlays.


It’s important to make sure that you have the right environment when you are creating this content. It’s no use if you’re a PT in a gym having a shoot outdoors in a park – because that creates a disconnect for potential clients.

So make sure that you shoot in your facilty or where you hold your sessions. It gives people an ‘insiders view’ of what happens in your facility or at your sessions.

Secondly, make sure the place is CLEAN. Walk through the gym or facility with the eyes of an outsider – what do they see? Sometime when you walk past something everyday you can tend not to see it anymore. But take a good look around and make sure that there is no rubbish, nothing lying around that shouldn’t be. Put any equipment away that doesn’t need to be out. You get it – get your place looking schmick!


Make sure you have the right people there. Think about the kind of people that you are trying to attract and have those people at your shoot. There’s not point having males at your shoot, if you’re trying to attract females only!

It’s best to put on a special filming/shoot day for this instead of using one of your existing sessions. This means that you have the time and space to be able to get the shots that you need. Invite some of your clients that you want to be involved – hype it up. Tell them it’s an extra special (COMPLIMENTARY) secret session. Provide them with lunch, coffee, breakfast, snacks on the day.

Lastly, make sure you tell them exactly what you are doing and how you are going to use the videos or images. Some people may not want to be in images on your website or a video that is being promoted on Facebook. So make sure you get people to fill out a video/photography release form and just be open with them.

This 3 step preparation method will set your content game on FIRE.