How To Get Started As A Personal Trainer | Quick Wins With COM Ep 52

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In this week’s episode of Quick Wins with COM, Richard shares his top strategies on how to get started as a personal trainer.

In this day and age personal training is the norm. That means that there is more and more competition within the industry, so finding success can be tough to do. Richard shares his own personal experience and strategies for any newcomer in this industry to succeed. Whether you are seventeen or thirty-seven, these 4 strategies will help you find success when first starting out as a personal trainer.

Be Professional

Professionalism can make or break your success with personal training, especially when you have little to no experience. One of the most important aspects to this is ensuring that you are always on time. Punctuality can make the client feel comfortable enough to continue training with you and also refer you to others without fear of disappointment. And even on the odd occasion that you are going to be late – always let the client know. It’s a simple courtesy.

Wear a Uniform

Wearing a uniform can be a method for distinguishing yourself and your business. It can attract attention and can get people interested in what you are doing and how they can get involved. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a boring old uniform – you can use it to set yourself apart. Put a slogan on it, something that will attract people to you and even get a conversation started!

Never Say No

Especially when first starting out, it’s important to seize every opportunity that comes your way, even if that means saying yes to someone that can only train at 4:15 in the morning like Richard did. The advantage of learning to say yes, is that most of your competitors will say no to those type of opportunities and you win when you continue to say yes. If you take action and say yes to doing those things that shows commitment and gives you a competitive advantage that will bring clients in.


When you’re starting up the most important thing you want to do is listen. Listen more than you talk. When you listen, and show interest in who your clients are and what they have to say, it allows you to ask the questions that will give you more information on things you may not have known which can build your credibility. You never know what your clients might be able to teach you, or connect you to.

Yes, starting out in the industry is harder today than it was 10 years ago, but by implementing these really simple strategies you can hit the ground running and set yourself apart from others in the industry. Watch the full video to hear more